Chenoa Lorenzo

Owner, AYS, KYT, RYT200, RMT
A resident of Wauconda, it has been a dream to offer Yoga in our community. Presented with an amazing opportunity I am so grateful to host a new Yoga community. My appreciation to the teachers and students that have joined me on this journey.
 My Yoga journey began in my mid teens. Under the trees in a national forest, I first experienced the clarity, energy and unity the Yoga technologies create. The benefits of the Yoga technology are my motivation to share this ancient Science to all. A continuing journey it has been my quest to learn more techniques to share Yoga's benefits. I welcome students of all ages and encourage families to join in practice together. As I work to provide a holistic approach I received my Reiki master teacher certification. When I am not practicing Yoga I can be found at All Ways Healthy, which has provided me with many years education and support to my passion for health.  
 I hope you too will experience the benefits of Yoga and begin your journey at Silver Lotus.

Anita Maher

Erin Murphy

Erin's Yoga practice started out with a simple curiosity in her mid twenties. After taking classes on and off and working many years in a physically demanding job, dealing with anxiety and taking up cycling she returned to Yoga consistently. Yoga allowed her to discover balance, strength and flexibility in both body and mind. After several years of experiencing such benefits she chose to get her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center. 
"In becoming a part of the Yoga community I have a true sense of being where I belong. I want to share the benefits I experience and the knowledge I gain to cultivate positivity in others. I believe the world would be a better place if more people practiced Yoga."

Debby Kuzniar

Debby has been practicing yoga on and off for years and knew that one day she would like to teach others the many benefits that yoga provides. She acquired her teaching certification in August of 2014 and is thrilled to be a part of Silver Lotus Yoga and the Himalayan tradition. Debby is also a Reiki master teacher, has taken classes in reflexology, has her license in cosmetology, and has studied nutrition throughout many years. When not at Silver Lotus Yoga she works with individuals and doctors in the field of nutrition and homeopathy.

Emily Trevail

Jason Maravalis

I started practicing yoga on and off during my 20’s. I was experimenting with yoga, because I was not certain yoga was a right fit for me.  After going through some minor health issues five years ago, I was re-introduced to yoga and pranayama techniques. This was the start of a new chapter in my life. I was finding relief and strength from within by practicing yoga more often.
After being exposed to a healer that utilizes ancient shamanic techniques, my own spirit guides, revealed that I should pursue yoga. After that experience, I signed up for the 200 teacher training program at the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center. This path has been a life altering path for me. I learned many techniques in the Hatha style program. I have found peace, serenity, and divine connection from meditation and mantras.  
During the time I was completing the 200 level program, I was exposed to the shamanic healing techniques from the same healer I met before. I decided to study under this person and was revealed similar capabilities to connect with the Divine and help those in need. To make a long story short, I have decided to walk the path of leading, teaching, and offering healing to others. My next adventure is to continue the yoga training program at the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center for the 300 level. In addition, to experience my first vision quest in 2017.  

Jojo Sorgani

Shelby Steffens

Shelby is a Himalayan yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist. She enjoys the unfolding process that focusing on our bodies physically and mentally leads to. Shelby loves helping students understand their bodies better by sharing her knowledge of posture, alignment, and breath. "I believe we are all capable of bringing our bodies to a place of health and equanimity by focus our awareness on the present moment." 
Shelby Steffens RYT200 LMT

Renee Chwaszczewski

I have been a Hatha Yoga Instructor since 2004, which is when I started Yoga & More. I received my 200 hour certification from the Lotus Yoga Center in 2005. I am currently enrolled in the 500 hour program at the Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center in Palatine, and reside on their board of directors.

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