Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions

Yoga On Lindy's Beach

All are welcome! Enjoy an awakening yoga practice on Lindy's Beach. June-September

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga focuses on bring balance to the body with gentle movement and breath practices. Explore posture variations and alignment. This is a wonderful options for beginners or those looking for a slower paced class. 

Himalayan Yoga

Beginners Welcome! A Traditional practice perfect for every yoga student. Learn the science of yoga.Deepen your understanding of Breath techniques as a preparation for meditation.

Joints and Glands

Strengthen your Joints and Glands with exercises as taught by Swami Rama. This class concludes with an extended guided relaxation. A perfect choice for those that are healing or to support more dynamic practices.

Kundalini Yoga

As taught by Yogi Bajan. Kundalini Yoga uses sets of exercises, deep relaxation and meditation to achieve balance and clarity. All yoga students are welcome.

Mindful Meditation

Each class will cover a different Meditation topic.  As a preparation for mediation you will be lead in a  gentle warm up followed by a breath practice.

Chair Yoga

Great for those who need a little extra assistance or support in the postures. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Restorative Flow

Beginners Welcome! Supported Yoga postures suitable for all practice levels. Yoga poses that have a calming effect on mind and body. Restorative yoga is extremely relaxing and renewing.

Warm Flow

Hatha yoga in a heated room, increasing detoxification and flexibility of tissues. This practice offers a little more challenge then Hatha Yoga. 

Vinyasa Flow

Challenge your practice, an energetic series of yoga postures linked with breath.

Rhythm & Flow 

The sound track of life!  In this class Yoga Postures are linked to the Rhythm of Music. Discover how sound invokes certain feelings and memories and how this may transcend your Yoga practice. 

Teen Yoga

A yoga practice designed specially for the needs of teens. In this class we focus on different relaxation techniques as well as explore a range of relaxing to challenging Yoga postures.  ages 13+

Young Yogis

From stories to Yogi games, the benefits of yoga are introduced in  a playful way. ages 4-6 and 7-9, 10-12

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle flow in a nurturing atmosphere designed to support and empower expectant mothers.
Are you expecting? Want to practice Yoga? Contact us about class. This class is schedule upon participation. 
Yoga Classes require no preregistration.*
*excluding Prenatal and Young Yogis
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